The standard Belt Holster is probably the oldest method of carrying a handgun that there is. A lot of people, when they think of old-time shooting, conjure up an image of the old west where two leather-faced gunmen stood face-to-face at opposite ends of a dusty street, six-shooters at the ready in their inlaid holsters.

Whether or not this classic scene played out in real life or was the product of fanciful 19th-century dime-store novel authors is anyone’s guess, but the belt holster is certainly no fiction. This tried-and-true holster design is one of the most widely used methods of carrying a pistol or revolver in use today.

While other types of holsters such as the IWB holster or Cross Draw holster also attach to the belt, the majority of the time when those familiar with carrying a handgun for personal protection talk about a Belt Holster they are talking about the type that is carried on the strong side and is not concealed inside the waistband of the shooters trousers. Also known as the Outside-the-Waistband holster (OWB Holster), it is easily differentiated from the Duty Holster in that it is typically fit to a 1.25″ or 1.5″ belt, not an extra-wide duty belt.The a pistol carried in a Belt Holster is generally considered the preferred method of carry for those interested in achieving the shortest possible draw time. They typically will give the average shooter a half-second advantage over another shooter of the same experiencing who is drawing from an IWB holster. These OWB holster setups are designed to be carried concealed though out the day. Also, as the weapon is not a visual target for those who might be interested in stripping it away unannounced they don’t often feature any type of thumb or retaining strap and because neither the body of the gun nor the holster are stowed inside the waistband, different trousers are not required for days when the gun is not being carried.

The single greatest advantage, however, reported by those used to carry their handgun in a Belt Holster is that they gain a superior level of comfort. The OWB Belt Holster is probably second only to the Shoulder Holster when it comes to all-day comfort, falling short only in the area of getting into and out of a vehicle.

Below you’ll find the most recent Belt Holster reviews. If the one you are interested in getting information on is not on this short list, then at the bottom you’ll find a link to an index of all the holsters in this category which you can search through alphabetically. Of course you can always use the search function as it may yield results faster.

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