This belt is essentially a copy of the Wilderness Tactical belt, however it doesn’t come in sizes like your typical belt, but instead comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL etc.

The belt has a Steel buckle that has an attachment point for tieing into something for saftey, though I certainly wouldn’t use it as my primary saftey or climbing device unless it was an extreme emergency situation.

It obviously works very well with the 5.11 tactical pants, of which I was a skeptic until I began wearing them. The number of pockets makes my sometimes cumbersome EDC (every day carry) gear stay out of the way, and easily accessible at the same time.

Back to the Instructors Belt – The tag end, or loose end has velcro on it which lines up with the mating surface on the belt, so sizing is very important. The velcro on the 5.11 tactical instructors belt does not go completely around the body, but has a 8 inch area that the loose end can stick to, allowing for different sizing, as well as for different outfiting. Suppose you are wearing an IWB holster one day, and then the next an outside the pants holster, you wouldn’t want to have to have two belts, using one belt for each job.

Holster Support
The job of any belt used for carrying a holster is to comfortably make sure that it stays exactly where you put it. This belt does extremely well for this, and can not compete with any leather belt i’ve used There is no stretching, and because of the velcro, you aren’t stuck between holes on the belt where one is too tight, and the next one is too loose. This makes it easy to crank the 5.11 belt down to just where you need it.

5.11 Belt Durability
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